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 Han Kun transport facilities, is a professional manufacturer of solar traffic facilities is the earliest and most professional of the largest enterprises, products all over the country, influence the world. Company set research and development, production, sales for the integration of new energy-saving high-tech enterprises. 

  • Solar barricade light HK-JLB

    Solar barricade light is meet MUTCD standard, they can automatically flash at night and close in the daytime by solar system. Our Patented case & circuitry feature is designed to withstand the harshest conditions experienced in traffic safety, construction and other industrial applications, a durable polypropylene case that can withstand high impact and drive-overs

  • Solar barricade light HK-LJA

    Solar barrier light HK-JLA is a night light control products, can be used for road, road cone top, outside the building construction, a unique 360 degree rotary head can change direction.

    Specifications: 120 * 309 * 65 mm

    Power: solar monocrystalline silicon cells, conversion rate> 18%, 4.5V 100MA

    Battery: Ni-MH 1.2V / 600MA, 1800MA optional, life> 3 years

  • Portable Traffic Signals

    HANKUN Portable Traffic Signal (PTS) set consists of two mini-trailers with mounted portable traffic signals, each with corner stands, radar detectors, control equipment and solar panels. Each traffic signal unit incorporates three 200mm high quality ultra-bright LED traffic signal lanterns and k-band radar vehicle detectors. 

  • Fold the display

    Folding display traffic information tips, portable traffic police check LED explosion flash sensor screen, mobile display license, folding check card, traffic accident scene information sensor screen.


     An innovative addition to the security arena, HANKUN Portable Video Surveillance provides quick and easy surveillance. Deployable in minutes, access cameras and sensing devices remotely and in real time. Keep an eye on all your properties, any time, from virtually anywhere in the world.

  • Truck-Mount Variable Message Signs

     Truck-Mount Message Signs offer the advantages of our full-matrix signs packed into a smaller unit. Two models allow for mounting over the cab of a work truck with an integral electrically operated tilt-frame. Signs include preprogrammed messages, graphics, and extra-bold arrow patterns. Wanco’s new touchscreen controller is included.

  • Remote-Video Monitoring

    The Hankun Remote-Video Monitoring System adds video monitoring and remote access to Wanco Matrix Message Signs. The system allows remote control of both the camera and the sign. Monitor traffic, change the message displayed on the sign, and control the day/night pan-tilt-zoom camera using your computer’s Web browser.


  • Portable Surveillance

    For construction projects, accidents, inclement weather and traffic-flow problems, the ability to quickly deploy a self-contained, temporary surveillance system means providing an additional measure of safety for workers, responders and the public.

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