Radar Speed Limit Sign

Introduction to radar speed

Through the radar system to detect the passing speed of the vehicle, through the system calculation, the actual speed displayed on the front LED screen, in order to remind the driver to pay attention to driving speed, especially for long driving and fatigue driving, the driver will usually forget their driving speed and not Pay attention to the identification of speed limits and dangerous sections, for unsafe driving conditions, especially for the school district, community entrances and exits, construction sections and highways and tunnel pavement, suburban cable, institutions and other restrictions on the speed of public transport The Can also be used for soccer, tennis and other sports training ball speed feedback.

Radar speed logo shell

Size: 1000mm “H x 600mm” W x 150mm “D
185 “thick aluminum, white powder coating (can be customized)
Meet NEMA 3R level
Maximum humidity: 100%
Maximize the protection of elements and sabotage

LED display
2 digits, 3 digits, 11 “Super bright amber LED (life up to 100,000 hours), with directional beam
Easy to read to 400 feet.
Automatic intensity adjustment to ambient light conditions for maximum visibility
Provide targeted viewing or display oncoming traffic


(Battery powered): Dual 12 V 18A / H NiMH battery pack; including battery charger
Power consumption: maximum strength of 2.5A (24w); idle mode <1 / 2w; circuit breaker: multi-channel, 5 amp fuse
Field replaceable battery pack
Run +/- 2 weeks on two fully charged battery packs.
The modular design allows the battery pack to be easily exchanged in the field for extended use of the logo in one location.

Your speed panel
36 “W x 44” your SPEED panel 6 “high font
MUTCD matches color and reflectivity
Applicable to 10-120 km per hour speed limit road
There are white, fluorescent yellow / green or safe orange
Radar speed mark with SLOW DOWN message
2 flashing LEDS speed notification over speed limit drivers

Actual speed slow flash
The actual speed of fast flash
SLOW DOWN alert message

Type: K-band, one-way Doppler radar; FCC Part 15 compatible; no license required
Sensor range: Detection of vehicles up to 300 meters
Beam width: 12 degrees, + / – 2 degrees
Operating frequency: 24.125 GHz, + / – 50 MHz
Accuracy: +/- 1.0 mph
Speed detection range: 5 – 188 mph

Product Parameters

direct digital display, LED display
Display digit
 2-bit, 3-digit display   (optional)
Display color
green, yellow, red (three-color optional)
Control mode
 remote control mode, can be remotely adjusted through the Internet (GPS)
Speed distance
10-300 / 500 meters, visual distance between 500-1000 meters depending on the weather conditions
 AC: 110V-230V, DC: 12V, can also choose Han Kun solar power supply system
900 * 600mm(Can be customized according to demand)
Radar system
Sweden imported high-precision radar device, in line with CE, FCC standards
After-sales service
3-year warranty brand
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