Solar Road Stud HK-JD105

Produce information

Basic Information
Solar nail lights
Red, yellow, blue, white (optional)
105 * 105 * 70mm
light source
power supply
Solar panel power supply
After sale
3 year warranty

Product Description

Solar nail lamp, also known as solar cast aluminum lamp, reflective markings, LED nail lights, etc., is the use of solar panels charge, stored in the battery, until the night and rain and fog weather when the light is low, automatically guide the vehicle correctly Driving direction, effectively protect the traffic safety. Application of the four lanes above, but no isolation between the middle of the night and lack of light at the road section, crossroads / zebra crossing (slowing tips), sharp turn roads, foggy areas (seaside, airport road) and other lots.

Cast aluminum housing

Han Kun using high-quality die-casting aluminum, static load-bearing greater than 20 tons, can largely protect the product, to avoid the vehicle running over the product vulnerable, die-casting aluminum wear, corrosion resistance, can effectively prevent the product rust, rot.

Ni-MH battery / super capacitor optional

Ni-MH battery / super capacitor optional, nickel-metal hydride battery normal life of 3 years, super capacitor life of up to ten years, different from the market ordinary battery to meet the service you want to achieve, greatly reduce the replacement products The trouble.

Monocrystalline silicon solar panels


Monocrystalline silicon solar panels, solar panels during the day to absorb the sun, the solar energy into electricity, stored in the energy storage device through the LED light to outline the outline of the road, to induce the driver line of sight.


Parameter details

Solar panels
0.3W / P, working life> 15 years
Ni-MH1.2V / 600MA / P life> 3 years
shell material
High quality cast aluminum, high impact strength
Operating mode 
Built-in light control function, automatically start at night, with flashing, bright working mode
operating hours 
Continuous rainy day working day:> 240h, different areas of sunshine lighting 
Compressive capacity
Static withstand pressure greater than 20 tons
working environment
-20 ° C to + 70 ° C
After-sales service
Han Kun 3 years quality assurance

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