Traction solar lights


  • 1.automotive power DC12V or solar power supply;
  • 2.the use of sealed colloidal batteries, maintenance-free;
  • 3.with battery overcharge and discharge protection;
  • 4.constant current drive, with automatic dimming function, energy saving and environmental protection;
  • 5.remote control function or manual local operation;
  • 6.LED: line of sight: ≥ 300m, LED life: ≥ 100000 hours;
  • phone, easy to use;
  • 8.multiple sealed, waterproof;
  • 9.built-in intelligent signal control system, simple operation


According to the global climate and environment, we installed the solar panel branch top installation and the bottom of the installation of two, and which are equipped with solar power are not the same, we generally equipped with 18W / 50W or more, VRLA: 12V / 50AH-120AH The main components of the mobile lights are the components of the installation of the wheel, the signal lamp, the intelligent controller, the battery, the solar panel and the solar intelligent charge manager.


Based on the user application and requirements in different scenes, we are divided into: single-lamp 4-way red, yellow and green, single-lamp 4-band with a countdown, double-lamp full-screen plus left arrow, two lights straight turn left arrow light, Light arrows and other LED display form, all in the Han Kun design and production of modular, on the basis of this can be customized for a variety of special lights to meet user requirements.


  • through the Big Dipper or GPRS on the global positioning of equipment, saving a lot of labor and time;
  • remote shutdown start or set the working time timer switch machine.
  • password segmentation and operation;
  • remote inspection equipment of the electrical indicators, timely alarm prompts equipment administrator;
  • anti-collision anti-theft alarm system;
  • intelligent control brightness according to weather conditions automatically adjust the brightness, to achieve the best cast light effect;


With China’s intelligent technology and hardware and software in general, Han Kun company invested a lot of energy research and development of the new third generation of intelligent control, completely solve the user and the business between many difficulties, and to fill the global market, the existing market is usually a single single control Signal control, and then there is a remote control to carry out the equipment to be modulated. And we first use cooperation with Huawei, China Big Dipper system cooperation, the introduction of the third generation of intelligent control manager. 


Body size 1700 * 2050 * 2200mm can be customized
Solar panels Monocrystalline silicon solar panels 18V / 50W-100W working life> 15 years
Battery Lead acid valve control battery 12V / 50AH-200AH life> 3 years
Material High quality iron plate profiles
LED color Red, yellow, green
Number of LED beads 70 stars
Waterproof IP55
working environment -20℃~+70℃
operating hours Continuous rainy day working days: 240H or more
After-sales service 3 year quality assurance
Remarks Product features can be customized according to customer requirements
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